A family friendly event taking place at the Assembly Hall, Worthing

The wormhole will connect The Assembly Hall and St Paul's Worthing. During this time you may experience changes to the space time continuum. You may see Orcs and superheroes on the streets of Worthing. Storm Troopers may march down Montague Street. The Millennium Falcon may be seen above the pier. Seagulls may be in danger! Expect to see Daleks materialising in local cafes and above all expect the unexpected!

The daytime event will be 10am-5pm at the Assembly Hall featuring the following

  • Stalls (including food)
  • Panels
  • Signings
  • Kid & adult workshops
  • Science talks
  • Live performances from local schools/groups & entertainers
  • Film props & exhibitions
  • Table top games with demonstrations & tournaments
  • Classic sci-fi, fantasy & fan films
  • Cosplay with competitions

At night the action moves to St Pauls as the adults party

The night event is a costumed party with amazing entertainment for the mass of people from across the galaxy who will all be dressed to impress.

  • Music & jazz funk visuals by Mei
  • Comedy from the talented chap hopper and steampunk poster boy Professor Elemental
  • Support by eclectic and eccentric wordsmith and lyricist Invokal
  • A fantastic large steamFunk band called Sol Diez
  • Several DJs to fill any remaining energy in your legs/attached limbs
  • Space Radishes
  • A chill out zone with retro gaming will help you relax between dances
  • Record your finest duck faces in a special photo booth provided by Blue Dawg
  • There will be awards for the best dressed humans, aliens, dwarfs, dragon riders and superheroes.