Welcome to Worthing Wormhole 2018

Our show date will be posted on the 2nd April at which point we will have a small number of pre-release tickets available on sale

Our first pop-up session of many throughout this year is called Doctor View - a micro whovian exhibition in a cafe facing the sea running from April 3rd to the 8th at the View Cafe (BN11 3QP) in conjunction with the amazing Type 40 Toys (BN11 3JJ) and the Tardis pub (aka Anchored)

There will be props, costumes, pictures, graphic novels and some delicious Timey Wimey cakes

You can see more of the event on facebook by clicking here

This site is about to undergo a complete refresh in the coming months to make it interactive and give you the information you asked for during our feedback sessions

If you have a company and are considering sponsoring this succesful event either financially or in kind then please contact us using the links below

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