Artists & Illustrator guests

These are the current signed up daytime guests - most of them will be involved in panels and workshops throughouh the day so you can get to know them and understand why we are so excited to have them.

Bob Layzell

Announcing - the legend that is Bob Layzell THE sci-fi illustrator from the "Golden Age" of sci-fi.

Bob, is renowned as an incredible cover artist. He produced classic cover art for many science fiction novels in the 1970s, including works by Harry Harrison, Barrington J. Bayley, Robert Silverberg, J. G. Ballard., Isaac Asimov and John Wyndham. He will be exhibiting work and selling signed work and prints. This is a unique opportunity!

Dez Skinn

KAPOW! We excitedly announce that Dez Skinn the so called Stan Lee of U.K. Comics will be attending

As an editor, he has steered the direction of more than 70 titles from MAD Magazine to Star Wars Weekly. The often-heard “British Stan Lee” epithet applied to his name is probably derived from the number of comics and fantasy-related titles he has created or co-created, which include Doctor Who Weekly, House of Hammer, Starburst, The Buster Book of Spooky Stories, Hulk Comic, Warrior, Night-Raven, V for Vendetta, Laser Eraser and Comics International. Cancelled or failed characters he has successfully revived include such superheroes as Captain Britain and Marvelman/Miracleman, while his titles have provided a publishing platform to launch or boost the careers of many of today’s top creatives including Dave Gibbons, John Bolton, David Lloyd, Steve Dillon, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and Alan Davis.

Grant Perkins

We are delighted to announce that Artist and Author Grant Perkins will be appearing who has worked on titles such as 2000AD and Titan comics!

Hello I'm Grant Perkins and I'm an artist and Author. I've been working in comics for over a decade.

I am currently the artist and writer for Strax and the Time Shark for Doctor Who Adventures which is currently being sold in all good newsagents and supermarkets. So make sure to come down to Worthing Wormhole and check out all of my work and have a chat about it.