An evolving list of the amazing guest over the day and night

Below are some of our list of the guests we have confirmed as appearing on the day - there will be more as the event gets closer so please keep an eye on this page for any changes. Please note:- As with all events of this type, some of the guests charge for signing autographs, photographs and workshops. We will always try to make this clear and this page will be updated with prices as they become available.

Daytime guests

These are the current signed up daytime guests - most of them will be involved in panels and workshops throughout the day so you can get to know them and understand why we are so excited to have them.

Night guests

As the lights fade, the music cranks up and the strange and the beautiful come out to play. With an amazing lineup including Professor Elemental, Mei, Invokal, Dj Vadr all your limbs will be aching from laughter and grooving.