A list of the amazing sponsors who are helping this event happen

This not for profit event is made possible thanks to some generous sponsors who have donated time, money and resources. We have listed them below along with how they have contributed so please click on their links to let them know they are appreciated.

Stratospherec Ltd

Stratospherec was created with the desire to be one of the best niche boutique technology recruitment companies in the South of England. Our Consultants have a deep rooted desire to be specialists in the technologies we recruit for. We believe that this passion for technology is vital when recruiting for hi-tech IT skills and at Stratospherec we work with some of the brightest IT professionals in the business.

We are focused upon recruiting for the new exciting technology skills that are driving the IT Industry in the 21st Century. At Stratospherec we love technology and we work tirelessly to understand and excel in the recruitment of these skills. Our passion for technology means that our consultants have in-depth technical knowledge and understanding and are committed to providing outstanding levels of service, care, time and attention to all our candidates and clients.

Stratospherec have sponsored us financially

Giuseppes lite

Rich mouth-watering, intense flavours that burst onto your palate. Our mission is to create the best of authentic Italian Gelato at Giuseppes Lite. Straight from our Godfathers of Sicilian Gelato, this Gelato shop parlour invites you into the finest tastes of Southern Italy you could ever imagine here in Worthing. Indulge your taste-buds to the best of our flavours. Enjoy the experience of sampling both traditional & contemporary Gelato, enhanced by our organic produce and expertly prepared by our Master Gelataio.

Giuseppes lite have been sponsoring us financially

Studio 13 – Marketing & More

We are an advertising agency that knows how to “grind” brands with unusual perspective and an eye for detail, linking them permanently to consumers. Working always inspired and committed, we have continued to refine business’s style of communication with the audience and carefully select the most relevant and compelling advertising techniques to achieve the desired effect. The end result of all our campaign is to create strong, unambiguous advertising image that seals the brand in people’s minds and ceases anonymous existence in the market.

Studio 13 have been supporting us by providing free printing for our leaflets and posters

View Cafe & Bar

View Cafe & Bar is a new & exciting venue on Worthing Seafront offering fresh food, amazing cakes, comforting hot drinks, a licensed bar and a stunning view.

View Cafe & Bar have sponsored us financially

Invokal Ink

Multi-Media artist Invokal Ink brings together his love of art in all forms. Model maker, graphic designer, musician and audio drama producer. To hire Invokal or buy his albums click on the links below

Invokal has been supporting us creatively through designing the logo, leaflets, posters and social media images, as well as performing at the evening event

The following people/companies are not sponsors but we would just like to thank them for their time helping us get going

There are a number of others so if we have missed you then apologies!

  • Christos from Online Ticket Sellers has given us setting up the ticketing side. He has gone out of his way to help us get started with the ticketing side.
  • Andy from Wyntercon - Thank you for the long phone calls and advice. This is an awesome convention conveniently just before ours so there is no reason not to go to both..
  • James from Lawn of the Dead gave us some key initial contacts and got us going with early advice.

We are still looking for sponsors so please contact us (did we mention there are loads of benefits?)

Not least that this would possiby be the coolest office party you could offer your staff in the run up to christmas...